Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

42 Traditional Similes

42 simile examples to print. Ideal to use for adjectives and description concepts, matching games, written expression and poetry

43 Our 5 Senses Vocabulary Words

43 Printable 5 Senses words and pictures. Classify words into the 5 different senses categories – use the ‘see’,’hear’,’touch’,’taste’,’smell’ cards.

EDITABLE Concept Book Template

Concept Book Template – Create your own concept books using our template. Children draw and illustrate.

41 Wet And Dry Environments Vocabulary Words

41 Printable Wet and Dry Environments words and pictures.

We Grow and Change Concept Book

Growing and Changing Printable Concept Book – Children finish the sentence – When I was born I could…, When I was 3 years old I could…, etc.

23 Easter Vocabulary Words

Easter Printables – 23 Easter Words to print and use for Easter Activities and Easter Bulletin Boards – Includes Ideas for Use…

Yes or No Calendar Questions

K-3 Printable Reading Games and Activities – Yes or No Questions for children to read and answer. In themes with ideas for use.

Christmas Grammar Spinners

Christmas Grammar Spinners, Spin a Christmas Silly Sentence.

45 Olympic Games Vocabulary Words

45 Olympic Games – Sports – Olympic Theme Word and Picture Cards, Includes heaps of ideas for Olympics lesson plans.

Dolch Nouns Word Cards

Dolch Nouns – Wonderful first words for Early Learners – Printable Picture Cards and How to Use Them…

Christmas Bingo Game

8 x Christmas Bingo Game Boards – available with Christmas pictures and words, or just words.