Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

Clock Face Template

Clock Face Template – Color coded minutes and hours. Includes blank clock face, enlarge to posters size, reduce to make printable clock faces sheets.

Hundreds Charts

Hundreds Chart. Printable 100s chart options of starting at 1 or 0, 5s and 10s highlighted, odds highlighted and blank 100s grid.

Action Verbs Concept Book – My Teddy Can….

Action Verbs Concept Book – ‘My Teddy Can’ Use of Action Verbs Concept Book – Ideal for Teaching Reading and Writing in the Early Grades…. Children become Authors and Illustrators

36 Anzac Day Vocabulary Words

Anzac Day Words – Ideal for writing reference, literacy and classroom theme activities

Five Little Peas Rhyme

5 Little Peas in a Pea Pod Pressed – Printable number rhyme for children

Counting By Tens Charts

Counting by Tens – Charts include the numeral, word and base ten blocks. Ideal as wall charts, student reference, or cut up as puzzles.

What is Heavy? What is Light? Concept Book

Concept Books – Children author and illustrate this printable book. Ideal for alternative reading activities

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Concept Book

Concept Books – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Nursery Rhyme book version. Children author and illustrate.

31 Position Vocabulary Words

Position Words – 31 words with pictures such as in/on, up/down, over/under, through, between and more with ideas for use.

Division Equation Cards

Primary School Maths – Division Games / Equation Cards Not just division worksheets!

Printable Multiplication Equation Cards

Multiplication flash cards up to 10 x 10 Use these cards as a whole class warm up activity or during numeracy rotations. How to use this teaching resource Use the multiplication language cards (groups of) before moving on to the multiplication symbol cards. Print and laminate for long term use. This resource also includes spare blank cards for you to write on […]

What is Short, What is Tall Concept Book

Concept Books – What is Short, What is Tall? Children write and draw in their own books.

42 Action Vocabulary Words

42 Printable Action Words – words and picture cards for simple body movements

Advance Australia Fair – National Anthem

Printable Australian National Anthem – Posters of Advance Australia Fair ready to cut up for sentence reconstruction.

Printable Subtraction Equation Cards

Subtraction Games / Equation Cards Not just subtraction worksheets!

Father’s Day Concept Book

Father’s Day Ideas – This printable book would make an ideal father’s day card. Children write and draw about their Dads.

Printable Addition Equation Cards

 Addition Equation Cards Not just addition worksheets!

Printable Number Cards 0-1000

Printable Number Cards – Ideal for use with math games, printable board games, math lesson plans

Thank You Mum/Mom Concept Book

Mother’s Day Activities – Printable Mother’s Day Cards / Book. Children finish the sentence ‘Thank You Mum for…’.

Measuring Volume And Capacity

 Measuring Volume and Capacity 6 charts measuring – full, empty, half-full, one-quarter full, three-quarters full, one-third full Ideal for use with sand and water play in kindergarten and preschool, as well as introducing and teaching fractions.