Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

42 Action Vocabulary Words

42 Printable Action Words – words and picture cards for simple body movements

Advance Australia Fair – National Anthem

Printable Australian National Anthem – Posters of Advance Australia Fair ready to cut up for sentence reconstruction.

Printable Subtraction Equation Cards

Subtraction Games / Equation Cards Not just subtraction worksheets!

Father’s Day Concept Book

Father’s Day Ideas – This printable book would make an ideal father’s day card. Children write and draw about their Dads.

Printable Addition Equation Cards

 Addition Equation Cards Not just addition worksheets!

Printable Number Cards 0-1000

Printable Number Cards – Ideal for use with math games, printable board games, math lesson plans

Thank You Mum/Mom Concept Book

Mother’s Day Activities – Printable Mother’s Day Cards / Book. Children finish the sentence ‘Thank You Mum for…’.

Measuring Volume And Capacity

 Measuring Volume and Capacity 6 charts measuring – full, empty, half-full, one-quarter full, three-quarters full, one-third full Ideal for use with sand and water play in kindergarten and preschool, as well as introducing and teaching fractions.

27 Better Words for Said

Printable Better Words for said – encouraging interesting words in children’s writing.

Numbers Rhyme Concept Book

Concept Books – Children make up their own numbers rhyme using this printable book.

Printable Ordinal Numbers

Printable ordinal numbers chart set 1st-20th with numerals and words. Ideal for display or math games

Maths Matching and Subitizing Cards

Number Maths Games – Counting and matching numbers game – 1-10 has numerals, dots, pictures, words and 10 – 250 has numerals, MAB blocks and words.

30 Rainforest Animals Vocabulary Words

30 Printable Rainforest Animals words and pictures.

Maths Vocabulary Cards – Numbers and Words

Printable Math Words Cards. Ideal for literacy and math games and reference

Telling Time Concept Book

Learning to tell time concept book. Children fill in the details for what happens at certain times of the day. Includes clock face and digital time.

Free Friends Of 10

Friends of 10 free download

Printable Number Posters

A set of 0-20 number posters showing the numeral, word and quantity.

Printable Tens Frame Cards

Math activities tens frame cards – Ideal for teaching number strategies to 10 and beyond.