We Grow and Change Concept Book

Growing and Changing Printable Concept Book – Children finish the sentence – When I was born I could…, When I was 3 years old I could…, etc.



Concept Books We Grow And Change - D'Nealian

Concept Books We Grow And Change - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Would be great as a homework activity – children could use photos as well as drawing. Children discuss with their parents what they did when they were certain ages. Children share their books.
  • On IWB or poster paper write in heading ‘When I was ____ I could…’ Make a column for each age year – brainstorm and list different things in the columns. Discuss how we change and grow. Later, you could cut these words out and children need to place them in the correct columns.
  • Instead of making into a book – use the pages to form a time-line, staple the pages sideways to make a line. Don’t forget you can make your pages a smaller size to print 4 in 1 – instructions here
  • Don’t forget to make an A3 size copy as class book or time-line as well – great for reading and writing modelling before children tackle their own copies.
  • Relate to healthy food, exercise, self esteem concepts.



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