On My Way to School - Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to learn things found on the way to school and become authors and illustrators of their own little books.

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On My Way to School I can see…

  • Children become the author and illustrator of these little books.
  • Fits in well with spacial awareness and maps as children map their route from home to school in a simple way.


On My Way To School - D'Nealian

On My Way To School - Zaner-Bloser

On My Way To School Easy Bulk Print - D'Nealian

On My Way To School Easy Bulk Print - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Ideal for use after a session on mapping your route to school – transfer 4 or 5 interesting things which can be seen from the route – make sure they are clearly shown on your map.
  • Encourage use of lots of adjectives and descriptive sentence to differentiate – …..I can see…  not just a shop – but the shop I sometimes go to on my bike to buy milk for Mum.

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