Printable Multiplication Table or Times Tables

Printable Multiplication Table – Times Table Charts. Ideal as wall display reference, or reduced in size to make individual booklets. Ideal for home reference


Printable Times Tables

  • Ideal for printing large for display, or smaller individual booklets for reference at home or at school.


Multiplication Number Second

Multiplication Number Second

How to use this teaching resource

  • These printable tables are ideal printed and laminated or enlarged onto A3 size for bedroom or classroom wall reference.
  • Fantastic made up as little booklets for children to use for practice at home or school.  When printing just reduce the page layout to 2 in 1 , 4 in 1, 9 in 1 or even 16 in 1 depending on what size you would like the little booklets.
  • Idea contributed by Gail.…..”Loved your times table charts and I have made them into flip books. I have an idea ‘Times Table Bingo’ Give each child an empty 3×3 grid. Choose a times table (depending on how challenging you want it to be you can increase the grid size and play 2 or more tables at once). there are 2 ways to play. 1. write in the answers from the chosen table or 2. write in the sums randomly. Choose a child to be the caller to call out the sums or the answers depending on which game you are playing. make calling cards by simply cutting up the times table charts. I let the children decide how each game is played eg. 3 in a row (diagonal, horizontal etc), 4 in a box or 6 in a rectangle. my classes love it.”   Thanks Gail

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