Telling Time - Concept Book

Learning to tell time concept book. Children fill in the details for what happens at certain times of the day. Includes clock face and digital time.

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Time Concept Book - D'Nealian

Time Concept Book - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Works in well with Clock Face Template and Time theme words.
  • Use the A4 size for the introductory shared book session.  Use modelled writing from children’s responses to make up a class book first.  Also each child could be given an A4 page to complete then gather them all into a class book.
  • Using 3 columns – in first column, brainstorm and list as a class, what events happen during our day.  In the second column add what time these events usually start using digital format.  In the 3rd column add the clock face time.  Children could make the times on their own individual clock face templates as well.  This can then be used as a guide for children to make up their own individual books.
  • As a extension activity – introduce and represent ‘am’ and ‘pm’ by colouring the clocks in their books orange for morning, and pink for the afternoon activities.

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