Printable Tangram Puzzles

Printable Tangram Puzzles. Includes tangram base pattern, 14 different tangram patterns, solutions and activities

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Printable Tangram Puzzles, Patterns, Solutions and Related Activities


  • 7 piece Tangram Base Template
  • 14 different Tangram puzzles – such as a dinosaur, yacht, bird, Christmas tree, angel and more
  • 3 different styles of each – coloured with lines, coloured no lines (tricky) and black and white

The tangram base templates and the tangram patterns are all the same size, so that you should be able to cut up the base puzzle and it should fit over the patterns. You may like to reduce the sizes to multiple pages per sheet – to make smaller sets (there are 43 pages) – they should all reduce uniformly.



Tangrams (Sample) Download

How to use this teaching resource

  • The tangram base templates and the tangram patterns are all the same size, so that you should be able to cut up the base puzzle and it should fit over the patterns. With this you may like to reduce the sizes to multiple pages per sheet – they should all reduce uniformly.
  • These printable tangram puzzles would be ideal printed onto thick card and laminated – made into a few kits to pop into your maths centers.
  • All patterns use just the 7 tangram pieces each.
  • Tangrams can be used for great Barrier Games. The children work in pairs. Each child has a set of tangram pieces. Place a ‘barrier’ between the children (a book or folder standing up works fairly well, some Teachers I know have actually had ‘barriers’ made up to use in the classroom). The children take turns describing how to put together their chosen tangram pattern. For example first child has chosen the ‘person’. They start by explaining to their partner – “place the small square in the middle of your page. Put the medium size triangle above the square like a hat, make a square with the 2 biggest triangles and put this square underneath the small square to form the body etc etc.” This can be a bit tricky but is a great activity descriptions, position, and oral language.
  • Use the black and white copies for children to cut, colour and paste into tangram patterns.
  • Use the printable tangram puzzles as part of a larger picture or class mural. Children glue on the puzzle pieces and draw in the extra background and features to make a complete / interesting picture.
  • Children make up their own tangram pictures using the 7 pieces.
  • Use the overhead projector to demonstrate some of the tangram patterns.
  • Make up little tangram challenges…

*Can you make a square with 4 tangram pieces?

*Can you make the 2 small triangles fit into the medium triangle?

*Can you fill one of the larger triangles with other tangram pieces?

*Can you fit 2 small triangles into the parallelogram?

*Can you make a huge triangle with the 2 larger triangles?

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Comments & Reviews

  • I was an elementary teacher in East LA for twenty-five years. Just wanted to send my little niece in Nicaragua a few tanagram puzzles because I don’t have any of my patterns anymore. But, anymore all the websites are like this. You can’t just access a few things and print them out. I never figured out how you were supposed to download you 14 puzzles.

    Comment by David Nile Chase on July 7, 2016 at 4:01 pm

  • You can cut the basic puzzle into individual pieces to match and overlay them on the given patterns. I think deciphering the puzzles in basket random would be a great challenge.

    Comment by Christopher Whaley on September 14, 2023 at 1:49 pm

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