Sorting, Attribute and Patterning Sets

Over 250 attribute pictures to classify, sort, pattern – using 3×3 attributes – category type, size, colour.

Attribute and Patterning Sets

  • Attribute Sorting Picture Sets
  • Patterning Baseboards
  • Pattern Cards
  • Sorting / Grouping
  • 12 different attribute categories
  • 3 different types in each category
  • 3 different colours
  • 3 different sizes
  • Attribute sorting labels
  • Ideal for grouping and sorting by different attributes…

Patterning  / Sequencing

  • 9 pattern cards per category (beginning with Insects trial )
  • 6 different long patterning baseboards…

truck-patterning-template  truck-patterning-baseboard-2  truck-patterning-baseboard-3




(Sample) Download

Abc Set

Attribute Labels

Attribute Sorting Pictures Labels (Sample)

Big Pencil (Sample)

Caterpillar Template

Caterpillar Template - Black and White

Clothes Pattern Cards Level 1

Clothes Pattern Cards Level 2

Clothing Set

Couch Template

Couch Template - Black and White

Dog Template

Dog Template - Black and White

Farm Animals Set

Flowers Set

Fruit Pattern Cards Level 1

Fruit Pattern Cards Level 2

Fruit Set

Insects Pattern Cards Level 1

Insects Pattern Cards Level 1 (Sample)

Insects Pattern Cards Level 2

Insects Set

Music Set

Pencil Template

Pencil Template - Black and White

Sea Creatures Pattern Cards Level 1

Sea Creatures Pattern Cards Level 2

Sea Creatures Set

Shapes Set

Sporting Set

Train Template

Train Template - Black and White

Transport Set

Truck Template

Truck Template - Black and White

Weather Set

How to use this teaching resource

  • FOR SORTING AND GROUPING – I would print out and laminate as many of these categories as you would like and throw them all into a tub.  Children can then sort, group, classify the pictures as per your lesson planning (see below for ideas)
  • FOR PATTERNING – Please note:  for some of the patterning activities, you will need about 5-10 x copies of each set of category pictures to keep the repetition going.  Pop each category pictures x 5-10 and pattern strips into ziplock bags to have ready-to-go patterning.


  • Use baskets, hoops on the floor or the baseboards and the attribute labels for children to sort / group into specific attributes – easiest is sorting by one attribute – – eg, all red,  all insects,  all medium.
  • Make this more difficult by grouping / sorting by more than one attribute using more than one label per group eg.  all medium / red pictures ,  all large/yellow/transport and shapes.
  • Intersect the hoops to show shared attributes eg one hoop is labelled ”Red” , one hoop is labelled ”Insects”  the intersecting parts is then all red insects.
  • Children are given a group of random pictures.  Taking turns, each child puts down a picture which has ONLY ONE DIFFERENT ATTRIBUTE to the last picture placed.  For example – a small blue dolphin in placed down – the next picture could be a small blue strawberry – next picture could be a medium blue strawberry – next a medium blue bike  – next a large blue bike (a little bit like UNO)
  • Have baskets ready for them to play, sort and group the pictures however they would like.

attribute pictures 1

PATTERN CARD AND BASEBOARD ACTIVITIES –  Pop the category pictures x 5-10 and pattern strips into a ziplock bag to have ready-to-go patterning.

  • The patterning baseboards are fun to use – they are very big though so will need lots of room – great on the floor.
  • Spread them out on the floor and let children create their own patterns using the attribute pictures.
  • Pop the pattern reference card above the baseboard – children use this as a reference to copy the pattern using the attribute pictures and baseboard (Please note:  when using the pattern reference cards – you will need 5-10 x copies of each category picture to keep the repetition going )
  • Barrier game – pop some sort of barrier between 2 children eg. a standing folder, book etc.  One child uses the pictures to set up a pattern on their baseboard – they then have to ”describe” or ”explain” to their partner the pattern they have made – eg.  first put on a medium red strawberry, then place a blue small plane etc etc….their partner then makes the pattern on their side from their partner’s description.

attribute pictures 2

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  • These are perfect, just what I was looking for. Would LOVE more PATTERN BOARDS as we are right into this at the moment. Thanks. M

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