School is Cool Song

A set of School is Cool Rhyme posters for making up large rhyme charts and reconstructing sentences.

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  • Ideal for the first day of school or as a literacy activity.
  • Display the poster in the classroom when learning the song then give students the sentence and word strips to cut and paste the song in order.

How to use this resource

  • Print and laminate the poster for a classroom display.
  • Print the sentence and word strips for students to cut and paste into their books. Alternatively, laminate the strips for students to order during a literacy activity.
  • Use the word strip versions to make up some fun alternative songs.
  • What comes next? – Make the most of this song by putting your detective hats on to search for rhyming words, circle phonic sounds, play ‘find the word’ games, look for commas and other structures, and ‘play with words’ – finding all the word/letter patterns.


School is Cool Song - Comic Sans

School is Cool Song - D'Nealian

School is Cool Song - NSW Foundation

School is Cool Song - QLD Beginners

School is Cool Song - SA Beginners

School is Cool Song - Sassoon Infant

School is Cool Song - TAS Beginners

School is Cool Song - Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

School is Cool Song - Zaner-Bloser

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