Rhyming Word Cards

Rhyming Word Cards – Ideal as a literacy groups rhyming activity. Can be cut up into a puzzle – 40 different rhyming patterns with 3 words each.

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For a version of these words with pictures, use our Rhyming Picture Cards.

  • Ideal for use with our Words that Rhyme Concept Book.
  • Use the words for examples of phonics – Match with Phonics Charts
  • We have made these up as A4 size so that you can then have the choice of printing them as is or reducing them easily to A5 or smaller using your printer settings.
  • The idea here is to print, and laminate, then cut along the dotted lines. This resource then becomes a self-correcting puzzle as the children find the matching rhyming patterns.
  • As a class, in groups or individually – brainstorm and add new rhyming words to each pattern.
  • Make up funny sentences using the three words – practice this as a class first – for example – The book took a look at the hook.
  • Ideal to use as phonemic awareness rhyming activities – highlight the differences in SAME SOUND DIFFERENT SPELLING – for example – light / bite


- Comic Sans

- D'Nealian

- NSW Foundation

- QLD Beginners

- SA Beginners

- Sassoon Infant

- TAS Beginners

- Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

- Zaner-Bloser

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