45 Recipe Procedure Words

Recipe Procedure Words – 45 procedure verbs with matching pictures ready to print. Ideal for recipe procedure writing genre reference.


Vocabulary Words – 45 Recipe Procedure Words

  • Mostly verbs associated with the recipe procedure writing genre available with membership…

Recipe Procedure Words List

stir, pour, blend, mix, bake, slice, grate, beat, chop, combine, add, cut, rub, knead, simmer, grease, sift, peel, whisk, cook, melt, heat, boil, measure, roll, weigh, juice, dice, wash, puree, spread, press, mash, cream, turn, serve, procedure, recipe, method, ingredients, butter, sugar, flour, milk, eggs

Plus spare blank cards to write your own words…


Recipe Verbs - D'Nealian

Recipe Verbs - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Print out and laminate for classroom display and recipe writing reference.
  • Make a second copy for word games and hands on activities – Don’t forget the ‘101 Ways to Use Word Cards’ document has heaps and heaps of ways to use word cards.
  • Brainstorm more recipe words to add to this list and add them on the provided extra words space.
  • Play charades using these words – children perform actions for each verb.
  • Add a noun on the end of each verb, for example – boil water,  sift flour, cut carrots, knead dough, puree vegetables.
  • Use the step by step procedures concept book to write a recipe.

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