Probability Spinners - 4 per page

Children spin the spinners to predict and test the likelihood of different outcomes.

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Available in 3 different layouts – by colour, by letters, blank spaces.
Children estimate which space the spinner is MOST OR LEAST likely to land on.
INCLUDES Record Sheet.

How to use this resource

  • Use this resource with or without the spinners.
  • Print 4 spinners to a page then cut a class set.
  • For each spinner, children predict the results then test their predictions.
  • Encourage the children to use the recording sheet to make a graph or tally of where their spinner lands for 10 spins.
  • Ask the children to share their results with the class – eg. ‘The spinner landed on red 6 times out of 10, yellow 4 times out of 10’.
  • Use the blank spinners for children to make their own according to your instructions. For example, you may ask the children to make a spinner where the most likely outcome is red.
  • What comes next? – Ask the children to sort the spinners into groups, according to certain criteria – eg most likely to spin a red / least likely to spin a yellow.


Blank Spinners - Black and White

Letter Segment Spinner - Black and White

Random Segment Spinner - Black and White

Random Segment Spinner - Colour

Record Sheet

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