Printable Number Cards 0-1000

Printable Number Cards – Ideal for use with math games, printable board games, math lesson plans


 Number Cards 0-1000

  • Ideal for loads of maths activities and maths games…
  •  NOW INCLUDES UP TO 1000  
  • Ideal for Year 2 Maths Descriptors… and just plain extending and having fun with numbers at any age….
  • **Recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 1000 (ACMNA027)
  • **Group, partition and rearrange collections up to 1000 in hundreds, tens and ones to facilitate more efficient counting (ACMNA028)
  • BEWARE:  THERE ARE 88 PAGES – Just print off the numbers you need if you do not want them all.    OR You can also use your printer to print these at a smaller size if you like
  • My kiddies loved just using these to put together 100’s charts laid out on the floor – just as a maths activity of itself ! – grab a set of 300 – 400 and see how long they take to put them together on some floor space.


Number Cards 0 1000

Number Cards 0 1000 (Sample)

How to use this teaching resource

  • Print and laminate 2 sets – (don’t forget you can print these smaller if you wish) one for displaying and one for hands on maths activities.
  • Use these to display and count the days of the year – add a card each day – this could be used for EACH DAY OF THE YEAR or JUST FOR EACH SCHOOL DAY of the year.
  • Use the above display to then ‘play’ with the NUMBER OF THE DAY – 10 more, 6 less, how many more days until we reach day 100,  show 2 equations where the total is the number of the day, etc.
  • Take numbers away from the display – what numbers are missing?
  • Store them in a box with dividers showing ‘Ones’, ‘Tens’, ‘Hundreds’
  • Group the numbers into sets of multiples of 5’s, 10’s, 100’s, – making this harder or easier depending on the level.
  • Pop these in place of your usual large display ‘hundreds chart’ – pop up a different hundred’s chart each week eg. 200-299 etc
  • Play around with the numbers on display – take them away, find my number with clues etc.
  • Play 20 questions – teacher or child thinks of a number on display – children have to ask questions in order to ‘guess’ the number – great for those last few minutes.

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