Printable Multiplication Chart / Grid

Printable Multiplication Chart – Supersize chart, plus A4 size small and blank multiplication chart.


Multiplication Chart or Grid

  • Supersize Grid up to 14×14
  • A4 Printable Grid

How to use this teaching resource

  • There are 12 A4 pages for the large multiplication chart it’s huge.  These just need to be glued together.  This large grid would be ideal for reading from the classroom wall, or bedroom wall.
  • Use along side the times table charts.  Send a completed A4 grid home with each child to use for homework revision.
  • If the large grid is laminated, a whiteboard marker pen could be used to circle all the different number patterns found within the grid, eg x5 is like counting if 5’s, x2 is same as counting in 2’s
  • Have the children fill in the blank grid, then colour all the even numbers green, all the odd numbers red.
  • Use along with our multiplication games and flashcards resource.
  • Use the blank grid as a template.  Fill in some of the answers – children fill in the rest.

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