Printable Alphabet Double Sided Cards

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Double Sided Alphabet Cards - D'Nealian

Double Sided Alphabet Cards - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • I have used these alphabet cards for years in my teaching, and would consider them one of those ‘can’t do without’ teacher resources.  These are intended to be printed onto coloured cardex.
  • They are a fantastic ‘hands-on’ resource for all sorts of alphabet activities and learning situations including…
  • I would copy them onto coloured card and laminate them (see above picture) one side capital letters, one side small letters, however, double siding is not necessary. Cut them in half to then have an A5 size.  You may like to use just one side for capital or small.
  • Place alphabet letters in alphabetical order across floor – (Children love doing this for some reason).
  • Distribute cards among children – they then rearrange themselves to form words or the alphabet.
  • Musical Letters – pass one, more, or all the letter cards around the group of children – when music stops, each child thinks of a word beginning with the letter they received ( use a theme such as animals, items in the room etc).
  • Nominate a letter, then go through the set of cards showing the children each one. As the card nominated appears, children respond by clapping, jumping up etc.
  • Match ‘ Dolch Sight Word Cards’ with appropriate alphabet letter.
  • Classify alphabet cards by: colour, style of letter, etc.
  • Alphabet tracing – trace over laminated alphabet letters using whiteboard markers for handwriting practice (see also handwriting practice / tracing sheets.)
  • Finger trace letters in the air using the alphabet practice cards as guides.
  • Match letters with items beginning with that letter around the room.
  • Emphasize understanding of the difference between letter sounds and letter names.
  • Children create letter ‘creatures’  – eg. give them tails, faces, etc.
  • Make alphabet scrapbooks using different sized prints of this resource.  Glue them into scrapbooks and collect alphabet pictures to glue in.
  • Make separate sets of one sided small and capital letters, play concentration matching small and capital letters.
  • Large enough for class handwriting lessons.
  • Cut and match pictures from magazines with alphabet practice cards – attach using pegs.
  • Alphabet Practice Colour
  • Match pictures from ‘alphabet pictures cards’ with alphabet cards – attach using pegs.
  • Each child draws a card from the pack and acts out something beginning with that letter, other children guess what it is.
  • Spell out simple words using the letter cards.

PRINTABLE VERSION of ways to use these alphabet practice cards…

Comments & Reviews

  • Love these cards! I use them in so many different ways. I tried to print off the “ideas for use” but it comes up with “page not found”.

    Comment by Archived Message on January 1, 2013 at 9:07 am

  • Just fixing now – thanks Andrea (Admin)

    Comment by Archived Message on January 7, 2013 at 10:38 pm

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