My Dictionary and Word List

My Dictionary – Most used words for K-3 in dictionary form – Ideal for writing reference and have-a-go word lists

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My Alphabet Dictionary - D'Nealian

My Alphabet Dictionary - Zaner-Bloser

My Alphabet Dictionary 1 - D'Nealian

My Alphabet Dictionary 1 - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • This book is based on the Concept Books layout – HOW TO USE CONCEPT BOOKS
  • This book can be printed as an A4 size as is – no cutting out
  • OR
  • Print / cut / arrange into A5 booklets – the easy print option allows for printing / cutting and stapling without having to sort through alphabet.
  • Make up individual books and keep as a reference for writing – after stapling together – use the left hand side blank area for ‘have-a-go’ pad.
  • Make up an A3 size class ‘My Dictionary’ – add words to this and refer to it when modelling have-a-go, writing, spelling.
  • Play literacy games with this little book – for example – find a word in your Dictionary which has 5 letters and ends in ‘s’ – find a word which is a ‘sport’ etc.
  • Children add their own words to their individual dictionaries.
  • Older children could use their dictionaries to make up different word lists – for example – list all the words you can find with ‘ea’ sound.

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