Printable Multiplication Equation Cards

Multiplication flash cards up to 10 x 10

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  • Use these cards as a whole class warm-up activity or during numeracy rotations.

How to use this teaching resource

  • Use the multiplication language cards (groups of) before moving on to the multiplication symbol cards.
  • Print and laminate for long term use.
  • This resource also includes spare blank cards for you to write on extra number sentences.
  • Use these cards as a ‘constant’ during daily numeracy activities and task time.
  • Use the laminated number cards to represent the final answers to the number sentences.
  • Make smaller copies for children to cut and paste into their maths books.  Children then draw a pictorial representation of each number sentence.
  • As with the addition / subtraction relationship – at a later stage you could also introduce the relationship between multiplication and division.  Reverse the multiplication games to create division equations.  For example, after making 6 groups of 3 popsticks to make 18,  use this set up to create 18 shared by 6 is 3 each.
  • Use these cards with our Math Activities Baseboard Kits.
  • Children find all the number sentences which equal a particular number.  Use the numeral cards – choose a numeral, children then find all the equation cards which equal this numeral.
  • Use string, small hoops, or plates to create a ‘group’ template,  then use different objects to represent the number sentences.
  • Ask children to pick a card then connect plastic blocks or unifix cubes to make ‘rows’ or group pop sticks with rubber bands. Alternatively, thread beads onto string grouping by colour, size or shape.
  • Children could also circle or colour in a number line or grid paper to represent each group.

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