Measuring Volume And Capacity Posters

6 charts measuring – full, empty, half-full, one-quarter full, three-quarters full, one-third full

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 Measuring Volume and Capacity

  • Ideal for use with sand and water play in kindergarten and preschool, as well as introducing and teaching fractions.

How to use this teaching resource

  • Introduce the 3 very general concepts for water and sand play at home and school (just use the ’empty’, ‘half full’, ‘full’ charts)
  • Use to introduce early fractions, and harder concepts such as ‘quarter’ as well as ‘half’ – great to discuss before cooking activities.
  • Print out the ’empty’ chart as a blackline master – each child colours in half, quarter, three quarters etc.
  • Don’t forget you can make these charts smaller if you like by popping your printer on 2in1 pages or smaller.

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