Maths Shapes Charts

Printable Math Shapes Charts – 18 basic shapes – 7 x 3d geometric objects and 11 x 2d geometric shapes

Maths Shapes Cards – Each card has a picture plus a description of

  • 11 x basic 2d geometric shapes (triangle, square, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, parallelogram, oval, rhombus, trapezium, circle, rectangle)
  • 7 x basic 3d geometric objects (cube, sphere, cylinder, triangular prism, rectangular prism or cuboid, cone, pyramid)


3D Objects - QLD Beginners

2D Shapes - Comic Sans

2D Shapes - D'Nealian

2D Shapes - Sassoon Infant

2D Shapes - Zaner-Bloser

2D Shapes - QLD Beginners

3D Objects - Comic Sans

3D Objects - D'Nealian

3D Objects - Sassoon Infant

3D Objects - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Print, cut and paste onto bright coloured backing card with border. Laminate and use for general classroom display and reference.
  • Open up boxes such as toothpaste boxes to demonstrate the 3d geometric shapes net structure.
  • Make models of the shapes using toothpicks and plasticine, straws, pipe cleaners, play dough, geo boards, grid paper.
  • Start a collection of objects in these shapes. Use the math shapes cards on the display table as signs.
  • Classify shapes into corners / no corners, number of edges, solid / flat, 3d geometric shapes / 2d shapes, number of faces.
  • You can make these math shapes smaller size by using the reduction settings on your printer and just printing off black and white copies. Children can use these copies to …..
  • ****glue into their maths books, or a class big maths book – then go on a shape walk – draw pictures around the shape sheet.
  • ****glue into their maths books, or a class big maths book – then cut out pictures from magazines which represent that shape – glue the pictures around the shape sheet.
  • Use with the ‘Shapes’ Concept Book.
  • Use the descriptions of each shape as reference for an ‘Interesting Facts about …..2d Shapes’ Concept Book. For example, each page has a different shape – Interesting Facts about circles….A circle is round. Interesting Facts about squares…. A square has 4 equal sides. etc.
  • Stimulate discussion of shapes characteristics using words such as, corners, faces, edges, curved, straight, flat, inside, outside, wider, longer, solid, surface, area, fill, equal, etc.

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  • Great yet simple resource for all ages…… well with my students and very versatile. Thanks :o)

    Comment by Tracie on May 23, 2017 at 1:52 am

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