Domino Maths Fact Families

55 Addition and Subtraction fact families represented by dominoes, fact family triangle, and number sentences.


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How to use this teaching resource

  • Print, laminate and use the larger sheets as number fact family charts for the classroom
  • Reduce to print as 2 to a page if too big for your needs.
  • Print, laminate and separate the different parts for children to match back together.
  • Use the larger dominoes separately for early number concepts – children just count and match the numeral to the number of dots – use these number cards.
  • Use the larger dominoes to demonstrate the number families concepts – for example – show the children the 9 and 8 domino – represents 9+8 = 17 AND 17-9=8 – start with 17 all together – fold the domino to take away the 9 to leave 8 – turnarounds – turn the domino around to represent – 8+9=17 etc, etc.
  • Mix up the number sentences – children put them back into number family groups.
  • Use as an opportunity to practise counting on and back, using a number line, discuss turnarounds.
  • Group the dominoes, and / or triangles and numbers sentences into ‘doubles’ and friends of ten (very important for children to know automatically)
  • Use the blank fact family pages to make up your own variations, or as a template for children to practise writing their fact families



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