Maths Equation Baseboards

Maths Activities – Printable baseboards for hands-on maths equation games – ideal for kindergarten, preschool, and early primary maths.

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Printable Maths Equations Baseboards

  • These baseboard kits are used for children to practice representing maths equations using hands-on materials


Apple Tree Baseboard

Fruit Platter Baseboard

Instructions and Maths Equations

Ladybird Baseboard

How to use this teaching resource


-Copy a number of baseboards onto card and laminate.
-Copy and laminate number cards and equation cards, cut out.
-Copy blank equation cards, cut out ready for children to write their own equations on.


Count out verbally, and place number of ‘counters’ on baseboard to match a single number card.

Verbally discuss their own visual representations using the counters on the baseboards.

Verbally discuss the outcomes.

“I put 3 red apples on the tree, then I added 4 green apples. There are 7 apples altogether”.

“My ladybug has 12 spots – 5 on one side and 7 on the other.”


Make visual representations to match the addition equation cards.

Answer the equation cards and write the equation and answers on their own paper.

Make up their own equation cards with answers.

Practise addition / subtraction ‘turn-arounds’ – start with an addition equation card and answer – find the corresponding subtraction card…eg. 4+8=12  represented on baseboard. Now – I start with twelve, I take 4 away, I have 8 left – 12-4=8.



23 can be represented by 2 baseboards each with 10 ‘counters’ and 3 left over

55 x 3  is represented by 5 baseboards each with 3 ‘counters’

24 / 6 is represented by 24 ‘counters’ shared into 6 baseboards.

Plastic counters could also be used instead of the ‘counters’ provided here.

Comments & Reviews

  • Love the fraction posters. Thank you so much.

    Comment by Carolyn on November 23, 2015 at 11:42 am

  • The Ladybird base board can be used for division.
    eg: Share 10 dots between the two wings, how many dots are there on each wing.
    Spare equation cards can be used to write division problems.

    Comment by Tara Humphries on October 1, 2016 at 2:04 am

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