44 Light and Sound Vocabulary Words and Pictures

44 Words displaying vocabulary for the topic of light and sound in early years schools.

44 Light and Sound Vocabulary Words

Light and Sound Words List

beam, blind, light, candle, colour/color, dark, day, dim, curious, eyes, fire, illuminate, lamp, light bulb, light, lightning, night, rainbow, ray, reflection, refraction, see, shadow, spectrum, sunlight, torch, transparent, beat, blow, deaf, ears, echo, hear, loud, pitch, quiet, scrape, shake, sound, soundwaves, speech, strike, tone, vibration, volume

Plus spare blank cards to write your own words..


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How to use this teaching resource

  • Classify the words into Light words and Sound words – brainstorm and add more words as you go.
  • Use these words as reference for writing about Light and Sound Science experiments.
  • It’s fun to play – ‘The first thing that comes to mind”  game using these words….eg during circle time – this brings out a lot of what the kiddies subconsciously already know and allows the teacher to ‘catch a glimpse’  of where their children are at with topics….

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