56 Indigenous Australians Vocabulary Words

Indigenous Australia Words and Pictures – Ideal for writing reference, phonics, literacy and classroom theme activities


Indigenous Australia Vocabulary Words

Indigenous Australia Words List

indigenous, Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders, Dreaming, didgeridoo, traditions, culture, Elders, Rainbow Serpent, Ancestral Beings, sacred, hunting, reconciliation, rock art, Uluru, Arnhem Land, tribe, clan, fishing, gathering, dot designs, reserve, desert, land rights, mission, language, bush tucker, Australia, outback yakka, Aboriginal People, jackaroo, billabong, barramundi, brolga, quokka, corella, numbat, curraawong, bunyip, cooee, coolibah, gunyah, koala, kookaburra, bung, jarrah, dingo, kangaroo, mulga, wallaby, witchetty, wombat, boomerang, corroboree, yabby


Plus spare blank cards to write your own words….


Indigenous Australia - D'Nealian

Indigenous Australia - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Great use of double letters in these words – highlight these and relate to Phonics Charts
  • The ‘borrowed’ aboriginal words at bottom of list are fantastic examples to syllablise. Great for syllable and sound mapping – stroke out the syllables, dot the 1 letter graphemes, underline the 2 or more letter graphemes / blends within those syllables.
  • Make mini copies of these words for children to become ‘word detectives’ and play with the laminated words – circling, colouring phonics etc. These smaller sizes are also great for cut and paste activities such as cutting out the words and pasting them in alphabetical order.
  • The ‘borrowed’ aboriginal words are particularly interesting in this list. Research more aboriginal words used everyday – there are also lots of place names which originated from aboriginal words particularly in Western Australia. You could look at the similar patterns used within the words and research their original meanings and how they have changed.
  • You can make these words smaller size by using the reduction settings on your printer and just printing off black and white copies, these smaller sizes are great for cut and paste activities.
  • When not being used on a wall display, place them in labelled boxes (small wash powder boxes or yoghurt containers work well, or hanging pockets for continued ‘grab and go’ games and writing reference.



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