In the Garden Concept Book

In the Garden little printable book – add as many pages as you would like and use the gardening word cards for reference.

In the Garden, I might find…

  • Available in colour and black and white
  • Print as many pages as you like.
  • Based on the words – In the garden, I might find…
  • Children write in their own words and draw a picture – they become the illustrators and authors.
  • Use our Gardening word cards as a reference.

What are Concept Books and How do you Use Them?


(Sample) Download

Comic Sans


Sassoon Infant

Zaner Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • *
  • * Don’t forget to print off an A3 size enlarged copy if you can to use for modelling and examples.
  • * If you don’t want to print this little book in book form – you can print using 3 pages to a sheet and all pages will print out smaller and onto the 1 sheet.
  • * Otherwise just follow the instructions above in the purple   ‘What are concept book…….’ link .
  • * Use our Gardening word cards as reference for children’s writing into this little book.
  • * Enjoy !

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