Ice Cream Counting Game

An ice cream counting game using numbers 1-20.


Ice Cream Counting Game

  • Ideal to use in numeracy group rotations or as a warm up activity.
  • Children can work in small groups or independently to match the number of sprinkles on the ice cream scoops with the numbers on the cones.

How to use this teaching resource

  • Print, then individually cut and laminate each ice cream scoop, cone and cherry.
  • Children count the number of sprinkles on each of the ice cream scoops, then match them to the number on each cone by placing the scoops of ice cream on top of the corresponding cone.
  • Children then place a cherry on top of the ice creams they have matched correctly.
  • What would come next – Children can pick a cone and make a collection of objects to match the number on the cone.

Comments & Reviews

  • I have tried to download this activity but the message says unable to locate this resource
    Please help.

    Comment by Cheryl Ritani on February 18, 2017 at 11:27 pm

  • As above. Can’t print this activity.

    Comment by Cheryl-Anne Courtney on February 19, 2017 at 5:55 am

  • As above – I got a message saying that “we are unable to locate the resource file for you to download”

    Comment by Helen on February 19, 2017 at 9:05 pm

  • I REALLY want this one…please check the link for us 🙂

    Comment by Carol Shipard on February 20, 2017 at 2:01 am

  • My apologies everyone. I have fixed the download link, so it is ready to go again!

    Official comment by Jill (K-3 Teacher Resources) on February 21, 2017 at 1:56 am

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