Free Alphabet Poster - 8 Pages

A4 Alphabet Poster, 8 pages, pictures and letters, just pictures, matching phrases, just letters, just uppercase, just lowercase, colour or black and white.


Free Alphabet Poster - D'Nealian

Free Alphabet Poster - Zaner-Bloser

Free Alphabet Poster - Sassoon Infant

Free Alphabet Poster Landscape - D'Nealian

Free Alphabet Poster Landscape - Zaner-Bloser

Free Alphabet Poster Landscape - Sassoon Infant

How to use this teaching resource

  • I have a copy of these printable alphabet letters beside my 3 year old’s bed. We have a lot of fun looking and saying the alphabet sounds before we go to sleep.
  • Copy and laminate each page – cut up the individual upper and lower case letters and pictures – play loads of matching games including ‘concentration’, to match the alphabet pictures, upper, and lower case letters.
  • Print onto card. Cut up the individual letters, pop a sticky magnet on the back of each to use as alphabet refrigerator magnets at home.
  • Use these or smaller A5 size copies to stick on classroom desks with ‘contact’ coating and for reference in ‘writing corner’.
  • Use alongside the matching A4 size alphabet charts.
  • Give a copy to parents as a guide for home learning.
  • Laminate 5 or 6 copies of each and have them available in a box for children to grab for writing reference – use these laminated copies for children to practise their alphabet tracing using whiteboard markers.
  • Use as blackline masters for children to cut up, mix up and paste back in matching pictures and letters, or alphabetical order.
  • Use as blackline masters for children to cut up and place at the top of their ‘dictionary’ scrapbook. Use the reduced size dolch sight words / nouns, and classroom themes words for children to cut up and glue into the correct initial alphabet letter page.
  • Children design and make their own alphabet poster – (children absolutely love doing their own charts etc – great way to reinforce learning).



Comments & Reviews


    Comment by YOLANDA DEL OLMO on February 15, 2016 at 12:22 pm

  • This is an excellent resource which I will enlarge onto A3 and use it for my word wall. The only part which I think will cause confusion for the students is the letter X and the “exercising fox”. I really think that there should be a perhaps an illustration of an x ray. All the other letters have pictures of beginning sounds.
    Is this able to be edited?
    Your site is very useful.
    Many Thanks

    Comment by ida saracino on January 17, 2018 at 4:04 am

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