Fast Finisher Task Cards

A set of 16 fast finisher task cards for children to work on once they have finished their set work.


  • Ideal for children to use in the classroom when they have completed their assigned work.
  • Children choose a fast finisher card to work on whilst waiting for a session to end.

How to use this resource

  • Print, cut and laminate each fast finisher card.
  • Place the cards in a fast finisher box or attach to a ‘fast finisher’ wall with velcro dots or Blu-Tack.
  • When children have finished their assigned task, encourage them to select a fast finisher task card to complete quietly at their desk.
  • What comes next? – Allow time at the end of the day for the children to share their fast finisher activities with the class.

A blank set of cards has been included for teachers to create their own fast finisher tasks.


American English Spelling

British English Spelling

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