Emoji Self-Assessment Cards


  • Ideal for children to place on their desk whilst they are working to assess how they are going and if they require any help.
  • A set of 4 emoji self-assessment cards to use as a General and Display Resource in your classroom.

How to use this resource:

  • Print, cut and laminate a set of emoji self-assessment cards for each child in your class.
  • Provide each child in the class with a set of the four cards.
  • When completing an independent task, encourage the children to place a card on their desk that best reflects how they are feeling.
  • Look for and assist those children that have a red ‘Help, please!’ card first before assisting others.
  • Encourage children who have a green ‘I’ve got this!’ card on their desk to help others.

The four emoji self-assessment cards include:

  • I’ve got this!
  • I’m getting there.
  • Help, please!
  • I’m thinking.

A low and high color version of this resource is included in the download.

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