Editable Puzzle Templates

Printable Self Correcting Puzzle Templates – In Word format so you can add images or words – fully editable.


Self Correcting Puzzle Templates –
  • Ideal for making your own MATCHING games..
  • FULLY EDITABLE – In microsoft word format so you can add images / words or just simple print out and write on.
  • 2 Types – Piggies with 3 sections – (same as the piggies money games puzzle), and Regular Rectangles with 2 sections.
  • Puzzles are self-correcting – so each puzzle cut is different.


Download Rectangular Puzzle Templates

Large Line Puzzle Template

Line Puzzles Multi Sheet

Puzzles 3 Piece

Self Correcting Puzzle Piggy Template

How to use this teaching resource

  • PLEASE NOTE: If wanting to add images and text via computer you need to….
  • INSERT TEXT BOX THEN DRAW TEXT BOX – drag box where you want the text to go and make ‘no borders’ AND ‘no fill’/ TYPE IN TEXT…
  • INSERT IMAGE THEN – you may have to fiddle with image position or wrap depending on which version of Microsoft Word you use. We also had to ‘recolor’ / ‘set transparent colour’ to th
  • Again, these can be enlarged or reduced if like.
  • Images, words, symbols can be inserted in microsoft word, or simply print off as is and write-on words, images, symbols etc.
  • You might use these for ……*matching numerals to amounts / *number equations and answers / *matching colours / *matching 2 syllable words / *children’s first name and surnames / *matching words to sounds – and LOADS MORE – add your ideas in the comments section below to share with others….
  • Make up smaller black and white copies for children to make their own puzzles to share with the class.

Comments & Reviews

  • Excited to use this with my Algebra student for a Mathematical Properties lesson, but I can’t find a way to type on the pieces. I followed the directions above, but couldn’t get the text box to format onto the puzzle pieces.

    Comment by [email protected] on September 24, 2016 at 1:32 pm

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