Division Equation Cards

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Primary School Maths – Division Games / Equation Cards

  • Not just division worksheets!


Division Equation Cards

Division Equation Cards (Sample)

How to use this teaching resource

  • Division Flashcards Ideas.. these ideas work in very closely with the multiplication games ideas…for example ‘groups’ become ‘shares’.
  • Use the division language cards (share with) before moving on to the division symbol cards.
  • Print and laminate for long term use.  Print on to different coloured card to separate levels, or processes, for example,  addition,subtractionmultiplication.  Have them all set up in containers for children or teachers to grab at any time.
  • This resource also includes spare blank cards for you to write on extra number sentences.  You may like to add more difficult equations to introduce ‘left over’.
  • OK, these cards are then great for all sorts of division games and activities.  They are particularly useful as a ‘constant’ during daily maths activity / task time.
  • Make smaller copies for children to cut and paste into their maths books.  Children then draw a pictorial representation of each number sentence.
  • Use laminated number cards to represent the final answers to the number sentences.
  • As with the addition / subtraction relationship – at a later stage you could also introduce the relationship between multiplication and division.  Reverse the multiplication games to create division equations.  For example, after making 6 groups of 3 popsticks to make 18,  use this set up to create 18 share with 6 is 3 each.
  • Use with our Maths Activities Baseboard Kits (see section on ideas for division)
  • Use string, small hoops, paper plates, small plastic bags, or cardboard containers to create the ‘shares’ template.  Then use objects, counters, anything really to represent the objects shared.  Here are some more examples….
  • ‘plastic’ food shared onto paper plates – you could also make a cooking session out of this using real food.
  • connecting plastic blocks, unifix cubes, for example, start with 8 cubes, share with 2 groups.
  • popsticks shares grouped by rubber bands.
  • beads threaded on string made into a certain number of bracelets – how many beads on each bracelet?
  • glue a certain amount of coloured toothpicks, pasta, stickers etc. equally shared into circles drawn on page.

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