28 Communication Past and Present Vocabulary Words

Communication Past and Present – Ideal for classroom bulletin boards, family lesson plans, reading and writing reference.

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Communication Past and Present Word Cards


Communication Past and Present – Words List

braille, carrier birds, cave painting, computer, drumbeats, email, fax, internet, mail, mobile phone, morse code, non-verbal, print, radio, satellite, sign language, skype, smoke signals, symbols, talk, telegram, telegraph, telephone, television, text messaging, verbal, video, writing

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Communication Past Present - D'Nealian

Communication Past Present - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Classify the communication words into ”Verbal” , ”Non-Verbal” / and  ”Past” , ”Present”.
  • Discuss and brainstorm what communication might be available in the FUTURE.  (children could design a communication device for the future !)
  • In groups, children could research one of the ‘past’ ways of communicating and find 3 interesting facts about it to share with the rest of the class.
  • Don’t forget you can print these at this size or smaller is you like by adjusting your printer settings.

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