22 Circus Vocabulary Words

Circus Theme Unit Word Cards – Ideal for use with very early primary, kindergarten and preschool circus theme. Ideas for use included.


Theme Vocabulary Cards – Circus Words

  • 22 theme word cards, available with membership… ideal for early primary, kindergarten and preschool settings…….

Circus  – Words List

circus, clowns, big top, acrobats, tent, ringmaster, tightrope walker, juggler, performers, lion tamer, elephants, tricks, strongman, horses, tigers, seals, parade, monkeys, animals, unicyclist, trapeze artists, popcorn

Also includes spare blank cards to write your own words…


Circus - D'Nealian

Circus - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Make small black and white individual copies of the words for each child.  Children use for read and draw activities, cut and paste activities and basically play around with the words,
  • Don’t forget these cards are great as puzzles.  Make a second copy and cut off the picture area using different cut patterns.  Your cards also then become a reading puzzle activity.
  • Make a second copy then use to play ‘concentration’ matching games.
  • Of course don’t forget to utilize our document – 101 Ways to Use Word Cards – this is great for activities with these Circus Theme Unit words.
  • Use with our printable board games.
  • Print them out – glue them onto coloured backing card so that a nice colour border can be seen, and use them for all sorts of activities – theme word walls, writing reference and more…
  • Brainstorm more circus words for your list – pop them in alphabetical order.
  • Works well with the concept book – This Funny Clown

Comments & Reviews

  • I really love the Theme Vocabulary Words especially the fact that they are both on individual cards and also all together on one page . The only thing I would suggest is if each lot of words could be set out the same as some of them are not all on the one page, as its really great to have them all on the one page when asking my five year old to select a word for something rather than having to sift through multiple pages. Other than that I can’t believe how great the resources are here. Thank you so much for such a great effort!

    Comment by [email protected] on November 7, 2015 at 11:51 pm

    • Thanks LittleMouse – We are gradually working our way through every set having an all in one sheet – many of the older ones don’t at the moment – but we will get there. 🙂

      Also – you can print them all on one sheet using your printer settings – depending on how many words there are – but you can usually print a 12 to a page in your printer settings which means 12 ‘pages’ print onto one page – reduced in size – there is more info on how to do this here…. http://k-3teacherresources.com/how-to/print-different-sizes/ Cheers …. Donna

      Comment by Donna Cox on November 8, 2015 at 1:58 am

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