British Money - Piggy Bank Puzzles

23 different British money puzzles to help children identify British coins and make simple calculations involving money.

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  • Ideal to use during numeracy rotation activities or as an independent task.
  • Children match the amounts of money to create a ‘piggy bank’ for each value.

How to use this teaching resource

  • Print, then cut each ‘piggy bank’ into the three puzzle parts. Laminate each puzzle part of the ‘piggy bank’. Continue until you have a class set of each value.
  • This set of money puzzles range from 5p to £2.20.
  • Children match the written value puzzle pieces to the puzzles pieces with the coins of the same amount to create their ‘piggy banks’ of that value.
  • Two puzzles for each value have been included in this resource.
  • What comes next? – Ask students to calculate the total of two ‘piggy banks’ of their choice.


British Money Puzzle

Editable Piggy Bank Pigs - Word Version

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  • The various denominations, such as the penny, pound, and pence, offer a diverse range of values and sizes, making the task of organizing and stacking them in a piggy bank an intriguing challenge. I say you can get and learn more information about the online game. These puzzles not only promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination but also introduce individuals to the concept of currency and basic arithmetic as they count and calculate their savings. Additionally, the distinct designs and historical figures depicted on British coins and banknotes add an element of cultural exploration and appreciation

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