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  • I came across a wonderful sight word game that someone gave me recently – it is called ‘bang’. You make up a set of words similar to what you have on your site – one word per card, laminated. Then you make up about six cards with the word “bang” on them. Children play in pairs or groups of four.
  • They have to pick a card and say the word correctly and then they keep the card. However, if they draw a “bang” card they have to put all of their cards back in the tin and start again. The person with the most sight word cards at the end wins.
  • It is great for rotational literacy activities and I’ve used it with my year 1’s and it works a treat. I can imagine that year 2’s and 3’s would also really enjoy them, especially the children who have a bit of trouble with learning their sight words or who don’t get a lot of home support.

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