Around the School Concept Book



At School Concept Book - D'Nealian

At School Concept Book - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Great as a first week back to school activity.
  • As a class – or in small groups – visit all the different areas of your school. Take the Around the School Words(coming this weekend) with you and label each area as you visit.
  • When you arrive at each area – discuss with the children all the things they can see, what happens there etc.
  • Come back to the classroom and review and list (or use another copy of the ‘Around the School‘ words) the places the children visited around the school .
  • Copy the concept book onto A3 and make up a class big book with each area having 1 or more pages.
  • Children then illustrate a page each – this then goes into the class big book sharing area….
  • Also ideal to make up this book after playing the circle game ….. First child starts by saying ‘At school we visited the library….’ – Next child says ‘At school we visited the library and the tuckshop…. keep taking turns around the circle…
  • Great for use with School Activities Words and Around the School Words.



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