Addition and Subtraction Yes or No Questions

Math Addition and Addition Games – 130 different addition and subtraction cards with Yes or No answer cards.

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Primary School Maths – Subtraction and Addition Sums


  • Yes or No Question Cards
  • Maths Subtraction and Addition Cards
  • 130 addition combinations up to 10+10
  • NOW INCLUDES extra 99 addition combinations up to 20+20
  • PLUS 232 subtraction combinations up to 20-20
  • Some are correct, some are not
  • Each card asks the question – ‘Is this correct?’
  • Children place each card in the correct ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile


Yes No Addition Level 2

Yes No Addition Level 2 (Sample)

Yes No Fold Cards

Yes No Fold Cards (Sample)

Yes No Fold Cards (Sample)

Yes No Maths Addition (Sample)

Yes No Maths Subtraction (Sample)

Yesno Addition Equation Cards

Yesno Subtraction Equation Cards

How to use this teaching resource

  • There is no need to use all cards at a time.  Just use certain number cards for a particular number focus or child level.
  • The cards could also be used over several groups of children making use of more than one set of yes/no stand up cards.
  • ****Fantastic for use as a whole class game.  Hand a card out to each child.  Children then have to form 2 groups according to their card.  The ‘yes’ group and the ‘no’ group.  Now check the answers as a class.
  • ****Have children make up their own addition / subtraction cards using the spare blank cards pages – 5 with correct answers, 5 with incorrect answers, to give to a partner to categorise into yes or no.facebook_addition_subtraction_yes_no
  • After the children have completed placing the cards in the correct category (yes or no), they take all the cards under the ‘no’ category, and write out the equations using the correct answers.
  • Discuss why some of the cards could not be correct.  For example, 7+2 could not =3 because the answer must be larger than 7 etc….talk about strategies for addition sums – eg. counting on.
  • Depending on the level of your children, have counters at the ready for children to use to check the answers. 

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Comments & Reviews

  • Instead of cutting the cards up they could be left as a whole and red and green buttons could be placed on the cards. Red = no and green = yes

    Comment by Helena on December 16, 2015 at 11:46 pm

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