42 Action Vocabulary Words

42 Printable Action Words – words and picture cards for simple body movements


42 Action Vocabulary Words

  • Words for simple body movements – Ideal for literacy word games and classroom bulletin boards and display…..

Action Words List

jump, run, skip, hop, walk, crawl, bend, sway, swing, shake, twist, gallop, leap, roll, twirl, kick, tip-toe, stamp, grab, punch, pull, push, wiggle, catch, throw, dig, wave, climb, wink, clap, yawn, blink, shuffle, creep, march, turn, ride, swim, dive, skate, dance, jog, stomp

Plus spare blank cards to write your own words….

How to use this teaching resource

  • Refer to these words to make an ‘I Can Move ‘ Alphabet Book‘ using the ‘I Can Move’ front page.
  • Ideal to use with concept books ‘ I am Clever ‘ and ‘ My Teddy can ….
  • Use the words for reference with the action rhyme ‘Well we walk, and we walk, and we walk and STOP (freeze), and then we stomp, and we stomp, and we stomp and STOP (freeze), yes we hop, and we hop, and we hop and STOP (freeze), and then we wave, and we wave, and we wave and STOP (freeze)… the kids love this little action rhyme
  • Brainstorm and list more action words as a class.
  • Classify the movement words into different parts of the body eg. eyes – wink, blink etc.
  • One child performs an action – another child has to find the action card to match.
  • Make mini copies of these words for children to become ‘word detectives’ andplay with the laminated words – circling, colouring phonics etc. These smaller sizes are also great for cut and paste activities such as cutting out the words and pasting them in alphabetical order.
  • You can make these words smaller size by using the reduction settings on your printer and just printing off black and white copies, these smaller sizes are great for cut and paste activities.
  • When not being used on a wall display, place them in labelled boxes (small wash powder boxes or yoghurt containers work well, or hanging pockets for continued ‘grab and go’ games and writing reference.



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