52 Whimsical Words

52 Fun and Whimsical Words to use in your writing and just to play around with!

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  • I was searching for words that are fun to say – with interesting sounds and letter combinations – I love this sort of thing and so do kiddies – no matter what age – REALLY – KIDDIES OF ANY AGE – looooove playing with these types of words and get so much out of them.
  • Please don’t be afraid to introduce them – you could even do one a day or one a week or just have them available on the wall for your littlies to investigate and play around with – before you know it – they will be using them in their writing and picking up on more interesting words in their reading.
  • Credit for these words goes to Tara Lazar and her 250 cool words list http://taralazar.com/2014/06/09/list-of-200-fun-cool-and-interesting-words/ – a wonderful author and a wonderful list of words to play with….

List of Whimsical Words….

abracadabra, aficionado, bamboozle, befuddled, bombastic, cacophony, cahoots, cantankerous, clodhopper, cockamamie, codswallop, cowabunga , dilemma, discombobulated, dillydally, doodad, effervescent, flabbergasted, fortuitous, gibberish, gobbledygook, gobsmacked, hijinks, hodgepodge, hullabaloo, humdinger, juxtaposition, kerfuffle, knickerbocker, knicknack, mayhem, mollycoddle, nincompoop, onomatopoeia, panache, pandemonium, persnickety, pizzazz, plethora, poppycock, ragamuffin, razzmatazz, rendezvous, ricochet, scallywag, scuttlebutt, shenanigans, skedaddle, splendiferous, thingamabob, tomfoolery, vivacious, zephyr

Plus spare blank cards to write your own words


Whimsical Words - D'Nealian

Whimsical Words - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • These are soooo much fun to play around with – I can’t emphasize how much kiddies love these big words…..  they don’t have to be formal about these words – just play with them …
  • Find out their meaning – introduce one or two each week – play around with them as a class – find out their meaning, rap their spelling, clap their syllables – look for all those great sounds and letter combinations that they have.
  • Before you know it they will using them in their writing.
  • Add more Whimsical Words to the spare cards as children come across them in their reading….and expand the display for writing reference.

Comments & Reviews

  • Cool words to use for sizzling starters in narrative and persuasive writing……love them!

    Comment by Tracie on May 23, 2017 at 1:54 am

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