35 Transport Vocabulary Word Cards

35 Transport Theme words to print. Ideal for theme word wall, transport lesson plans and reading and writing activities reference.

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35 Transport Vocabulary Words.

Transport Words List

transport, train, truck, bicycle, helicopter, ship, plane, car, bus, scooter, boat, submarine, skateboard, yacht, ferry, rollerblades, air balloon, tram, canoe, bulk carrier, car transporter, tractor, rocket, cargo ship, hovercraft, sled, horse, wheelchair, oil tanker, barge, walking, motorbike, ambulance, taxi, pram

Plus spare blank cards to write your own words…


- Comic Sans

- D'Nealian

- NSW Foundation

- Open Dyslexic

- QLD Beginners

- SA Beginners

- Sassoon Infant

- TAS Beginners

- Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

- Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • There are some great opportunities for compound words here –  wheel/chair, hover/craft, motor/bike, roller/blades, skate/board.
  • Classify words into water, air, rail, road transport.
  • Make small black and white individual copies of the words for each child.  Children colour in, circle all the phonic blends – basically play around with the words.
  • Use these small individual words for children to cut up and glue back together again, put in alphabetical order, etc.
  • Of course don’t forget to utilize our document – 101 Ways to Use Word Cards – this is great for activities with these Transport Theme words.
  • Print them out – glue them onto coloured backing card so that a nice colour border can be seen, and use them for all sorts of activities – theme word walls, writing reference and more…
  • Use our Printable Alphabet Book as a template to add Transport words to each alphabet page.

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