27 Crazy Mixed Up Words

27 Crazy Mixed Up Words to play around with sounds

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  • Includes one set without vowels so kiddies can change the sounds within these made up words.
  • Children make up their own crazy mixed up words…find books or stories that use crazy words…. (see more ideas below)

PLEASE NOTE:   I was torn as to whether to keep the ‘y’ vowel in the no vowel set – I decided to keep it in – if you would prefer to have the ‘y’ s  taken out, please just let me know…. thanks

Crazy Mixed Up Words – Words List

bloobucket, boogaloo, bubbly butt, buggleswort, burplebutt, butterblump, dimbledoo, dinglepop, futterborg, kesploosh, peeseley, pooperdink, schnagle, scrumdiddlyumptious, shapoopy, snickerbop, snigglebot, snoodlebump, snoodlefoo, snotbot, snozzenbopper, squeezilicious, threesely, wangaburter, weeseley, zipazap, zoodledidoo

Plus spare cards to write your own words….


Crazy Mixed Up Words - D'Nealian

Crazy Mixed Up Words - Zaner-Bloser

Crazy Mixed Up Words No Vowels - D'Nealian

Crazy Mixed Up Words No Vowels - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Kiddies love these ‘silly’ words – they are great fun to play around with and make up crazy words – make up words with the sounds you have been learning.
  • Discover stories and books that use made up words – eg The BFG (many Roald Dahl books use this), The Book with No Pictures, Dr Seuss books (please list any more in comments below).
  • Make a small version of each word and cut them up – join different parts of words together to make even more crazy words.
  • Match words with same sounds (eg.  ‘oo’  is used a lot, as are double letters !!!)

Comments & Reviews

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