25 Better Words for Bad - Vocabulary Cards

25 vocabulary word cards showing ‘better’ words to use for ‘bad’.

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How to prepare this resource:

  • Select the school font you would like to use in the downloads below.
  • A page of spare cards has been provided so any extra words that your class discover can be added to your vocabulary wall.
  • Print a set of the better words for bad word cards and display them on your classroom vocabulary wall.
  • Alternatively, provide a smaller version of the word list page for students to keep in their desks to refer to when writing.

Suggested Activities:

  • Challenge your students to use as many of the 25 better words for bad in a piece of writing.
  • Select one of the words to be the class ‘Word of the Day,’ and have your students try to use it in the correct context as many times as possible. This could be a competition where the class try to use the word correctly more times than you in a day.
  • Provide a copy of the list words to your students and whenever they use one of the words, they can cross it off the list.
  • A fun way to use these is to ‘grab’ sentences with ‘bad’ out of children’s books and write them down. Children replace the ‘bad’ part with different words from the list – which one fits best?
  • Brainstorm and list more words for ‘bad’ as a class.

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Words included:

appalling, astounding, atrocious, awful, dire, disgusting, dreadful, frightful, gross, harmful, hideous, horrendous, horrid, inadequate, inferior, lousy, mean, nasty, offensive, severe, shameful, shocking, terrible, unacceptable, unpleasant


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