12 Days Of Christmas - Concept Book

Printable Concept Books 12 Days of Christmas – Children make up their own 12 Days of Christmas words and lyrics to produce a book…

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12 Day Of Christmas Concept Book Ezy Bulk Print - D'Nealian

12 Day Of Christmas Concept Book Ezy Bulk Print - Zaner-Bloser

12 Days Of Christmas Book - D'Nealian

12 Days Of Christmas Book - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Works in well with the 12 Days of Christmas – Christmas Carol Lyrics. Use these original lyrics to highlight the nouns and verbs which can be changed in their concept book, for example ‘ladies dancing’ could become ‘children skipping’. Brainstorm nouns and verbs to be used for replacement. Make a larger version whole class book first.
  • Make up group concept books where children need to work together to come up with a different version. The group then ‘performs’ their version for the rest of the class / school / parents.
  • Use the My Family words to replace the ‘true love’ part of the concept book.
  • Don’t forget to utilize the great maths concepts in this christmas carol – ordinals 1st /first, as well as number – one to one correspondence.
  • This is an ideal christmas carol to perform using actions.



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