I Have A Little Frog Poem

A fun poem with accompanying large-print pages, cut-out/rebuild pages and a task card.

Animal Offspring – Printable Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to learn the names of animals and their offspring and become authors and illustrators of their own little books.

What has Feathers? – Concept Book

What Has Feathers? – Children author and illustrate this printable book.

What Has Scales? – Concept Book

What Has Scales? – Children author and illustrate this printable book.

Yes or No Pets Questions

K-3 Printable Reading Games and Activities – Yes or No Questions for children to read and answer.

What has a Tail? – Concept Book

What has a Tail Concept Book – a printable repetition book which children can author and illustrate things that have tails.

Australian Animals – Concept Book

Australian Animals Concept Book – What Animals Live in Australia? A little printable book for children to become authors and illustrators.

I Think Mice are Rather Nice Rhyme

Mice – Shared reading printable chart, sentence and word rebuilding activities

What Do You Suppose Rhyme

What Do You Suppose – Printable shared reading chart, sentence and word rebuilding activities and nursery rhyme Lyrics

28 Minibeast Vocabulary Words

Minibeasts Thematic Unit – Ideal for classroom bulletin boards, classroom themes reference, and reading and writing reference.

28 In the Sea Vocabulary Words

Ocean Thematic Unit – Ideal for ocean lesson plans, ocean bulletin boards, and reading and writing reference.

28 On the Farm Vocabulary Words

Farm Thematic Unit – farm words and pictures. Great for classroom wall display, classroom bulletin boards, reading and writing reference.

20 Australian Animals Vocabulary Words

Australian Animals Vocabulary Words and Pictures Cards – great for classroom themes and reading and writing activities

What Do You Suppose? Concept Book

Concept Books – What Do You Suppose? – Printable book to match the rhyme.

32 Zoo Animals Vocabulary Words

Zoo Thematic Unit – Ideal for Zoo theme work, zoo bulletin boards, and reading, writing reference.

In the Sea – Concept Book

In the Sea – Children write and illustrate a printable book about things found in the sea.

On the Farm – Concept Book

On the Farm – Children author and illustrate this book about farm life.

30 Rainforest Animals Vocabulary Words

30 Printable Rainforest Animals words and pictures.