Reading and Writing Resources

K-3 Reading and Writing Teacher Resources – including reading worksheets, as well as printable reading games and activities with comprehensive ideas and tips for use.

Family – Vocabulary Mat

Family vocabulary mat – verbs and nouns printable mat. 8 verbs and 10 nouns in colour and black and white. Includes add your own words.

Around the School – Vocabulary Mat

A4 Size Around the School Vocabulary Mat

12 Days of Christmas Sequencing

Printable 12 Days of Christmas Sequencing Pictures with room for writing – Use for modelled and whole class reading..

Christmas – Vocabulary Mat

Christmas Vocabulary Mat 12 nouns with pictures / 7 verbs Can be enlarged to A3/tabloid using printer. Words are taken from our Christmas Printables  Print up a few for children to grab during writing sessions as reference

Adjectives Nouns Verbs Adverbs – Word Cards

Vocabulary Flashcards – Make Silly Sentences using our 88 Adjectives, 76 Nouns, 64 Verbs and 40 Adverbs.

27 Better Words for Said

Printable Better Words for said – encouraging interesting words in children’s writing.

Procedure Writing – Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to write their own procedures and become authors and illustrators of their own little books.

40 Pairs of Synonyms

40 pairs of synonyms – 80 words all up – ready for matching games and more. Add more synonyms pairs to the list – and more words of similar meaning for each synonym pair – there are lots more – keep these on the wall and add more as they come across in reading and writing.

Simple Story Map

A simple story map to use when planning a piece of writing.

Fairy Tale Story Sequencing Activities

Story Sequencing Activities using Fairy Tale Pictures. The Gingerbread Man and Three Little Pigs Illustrations for sequencing.

Keys to Unlocking Tricky Words

Teaching Reading Strategies, Reading Cues – Ideal for use with guided reading activities, home reading programs, and classroom wall display.

40 Pairs of Antonyms or Opposites

40 pairs of antonyms – 80 words all up – ready for matching games and more.

46 Sentence Starters

These printable sentence starters are ideal to encourage brainstorming and writing in all levels of K-3 – Use them 2-3 times a week as journal writing

40 Traditional Similes

40 simile examples to print. Ideal to use for adjectives and description concepts, matching games, written expression and poetry

Yes or No Calendar Questions

K-3 Printable Reading Games and Activities – Yes or No Questions for children to read and answer.

Christmas Grammar Spinners

Christmas Grammar Spinners, Spin a Christmas Silly Sentence.

Christmas Bingo Game

8 x Christmas Bingo Game Boards – available with Christmas pictures or just words.

55 Contractions

Teaching Contractions – 55 Printable Sets of Contractions Word Cards – great for matching games…