General and Display Resources

General Teaching Resources – more teaching resources for kindergarten, preschool, early elementary and primary school.

New Teaching Resources

A Good Listener Posters

A Good Listener listens with their eyes, their, ears and their heart Posters for your classroom to promote listening skills.

Printable Birthday Certificate

Printable Birthday Certificate available in colour and black and white – Ideal for classroom friends.

30 x Editable Alphabet Labels – Name Tag or Book Labels

26 different Editable Labels using our Alphabet Pictures for Name Tags, Book, Equipment, Bags. In different sizes. Ideal for Back to School.

Printable Alphabet Desktop Strips

Printable Alphabet long desk strips with letters and pictures as well as number line 0-20 at the bottom. Ideal for preps.

30 Editable Animal Labels

30 editable animal themed labels in different sizes for name tags, books and classroom equipment.

5 x Printable Manners Charts

5 Everyday Manners Charts for Children – includes Pardon, Please, Thank You, You’re Welcome and Excuse Me.

Our Wonder Wall

Use these headings on a large wall area for children to write down all the ‘I wonder’ questions which come up – ready to be drawn upon for class projects etc.

Free Pencil Hold Rhyme Poster

Pencil hold rhyme poster showing the best way to pick up and hold a pencil for handwriting through a little rhyme / rap.

Printable Blank Calendars

Printable calendars in colour and black and white – can use any year as children can fill in dates and year.

Printable Chore Chart

Printable Chore Charts – Ideal for use at Home or at School. Includes Idea for Use.

Printable Days Of The Week Cards

Days of the Week Cards – Print onto different coloured card then laminate. Ideal for routines, morning calendar time.

Human Body Picture Outline And Organs

Human Body Picture Outline and 10 Main Organs Charts Includes: Plain body outline / templates Organ word cards Organ fact cards Organ Labels Colour and Black and White Versions

Free Self Esteem in the Classroom – The NED Show

Self Esteem and Team Building in the Classroom… Based on The Ned Show 3 x Printable A4 Posters

12 x Fine Motor Tracing Sheets

Fine Motor Activities for children. 12 tracing sheets – print onto colored card and laminate. Terrific fine motor skills activities.

Morning Calendar Charts

Calendar Time Charts INCLUDES: Re-useable Calendar Today is:……. The Date is:…… The Month is:…… The Year is:…. ___ / ___ / ___ The weather is:….. The temperature is:……… Yesterday was:…….. Tomorrow will be:……… Daily Message:……. Can be laminated, then write-on / wipe off, and/or use our days of week, months of year, ordinal number, weather […]

Mystery Bag Oral Description Framework

Description Framework – Mystery Bag Activity

Printable Birthday Balloons

Printable Birthday Balloons – Ideal for wall decoration and birthday reminders.

Printable Numbers Chart 1-20

Printable Numbers Chart – Numeral, Words, Amount. Ideal for kindergarten, preschool, primary wall display and maths activities.

Solar System Facts Charts

Solar System Facts – Printable Chart of Planets and Facts for Kids, Teachers, Parents – Ideal for School Project Ideas.