General and Display Resources

General Teaching Resources – more teaching resources for kindergarten, preschool, early elementary and primary school.

New Teaching Resources

Expandable Reindeer Christmas Card Template

A Reindeer Christmas Card with a choice of three messages.

Expandable Christmas Tree Christmas Card Template

A Christmas Tree Christmas Card with a choice of three messages.

Expandable Angel Christmas Card Template

An Angel Christmas Card with a choice of three messages

Expandable Santa Christmas Card Template

A Santa Christmas Card with a choice of three messages.

End of Year Reflection Worksheet

A worksheet for children to record their most loved recollections from the past year.

Name Identification Worksheet

An activity to help children learn the letters in their name.

Fast Finisher Task Cards

A set of 16 fast finisher task cards for children to work on once they have finished their set work.

Peer Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Ideal to use as a back to school activity. Children record the name of at least one peer for each box. How to use this resource Print off a worksheet for each child in the class. Allocate time for the children to move around the classroom, asking their peers questions to find at least one […]

Investigation Area – Poster and Display Signs

A set of cut-out signs and a poster to create an investigation area in the classroom.

Class Noise Monitor

A poster to display and use in the classroom as an indicator for the most appropriate noise level for the given task.

Emoji Self-Assessment Cards

Ideal for children to place on their desk whilst they are working to assess how they are going and if they require any help. A set of 4 emoji self-assessment cards to use as a General and Display Resource in your classroom. How to use this resource: Print, cut and laminate a set of emoji self-assessment cards […]

Days of the Week Display

A bright display for children to refer to during morning routines or when learning the days of the week.

What are we learning today

What are we learning today? Why is this important? Our goal for this week is…

Classroom Group Charts

Classroom Group Charts 26 x Quirky and Fun Alphabet group names that match our Alphabet Charts. 6 x Spotty / Dotty Colour group names. Choose the group names that suit your kiddies and incorporate the initial sounds as well as plural forms. Use matching alphabet clipart to add to your group charts setup if needed.

Word Wall Display

Word Wall Display Title and Alphabet Cards Matches our Large Alphabet Charts, Small Alphabet Charts and Desktop Charts Pop our vocabulary words or sight words on the wall as they come up in your class… (don’t forget you can make these words smaller – print size instructions here. )

Free Use your Voice for Kindness Charts

FREE Use your Voice for Kindness Charts I saw this ‘saying’ the other day and just had to make up some little charts – such a lovely way to approach life… Enjoy !

Blank Alphabet and Number Display Cut-Outs

A blank set of letters, numbers and punctuation symbols to cut-out and create a range of displays in the classroom.

End of Year Certificates

End of Year Certificates NOW INCLUDES EDITABLE VERSION…. CHEERS Ideal as end of year ‘Graduation’ type certificates for each grade… Includes: K-6 Kindergarten Transition Reception Prep Foundation Pre-primary (WA) Preschool (NSW) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Classroom Inspiration Posters

Classroom Inspiration Posters 11 x Posters to encourage teamwork and acceptance of others in your classroom… Includes: In Our Classroom we… …encourage and help one another. …always do our best. …are honest. …laugh a lot. …think outside the box. …are curious and ask questions. …speak in a calm and kind manner. …listen with our ears […]

28 x Quotes for Children

28 Quotes for Children These quotes for children are a great way to spark conversation about feelings and ideas. They also can provide for a myriad of literacy activities (see suggestions below)