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40 Pairs of Synonyms

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40 sets of Synonym Pairs... Words with Similar Meaning

  • Great for general 'word play' use (most of these words are ideal for chunking / syllable / phonics practice) and matching games.
  • Print smaller size or keep large for wall display...
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Synonyms Words List

end/finish cry/sob cold/icy begin/start save/keep
hope/wish choose/pick paste/glue hurry/rush brave/courageous
sad/unhappy friend/pal enjoy/like error/mistake smile/grin
harm/hurt large/big small/little mother/mum/mom father/dad
house/home woman/lady child/kid shut/close ill/sick
see/look alike/similar make/create fast/quick street/road
evil/bad happy/glad angry/mad tired/sleepy help/assist
quiet/silent shout/yell dirty/filthy kind/nice love/adore
Plus spare blank cards to write your own words.... Save

Suggestions for Use

  • Keep full size or print smaller for matching games.
  • Add more synonyms pairs to the list - and more words of similar meaning for each synonym pair - there are lots more - keep these on the wall and add more as they come across in reading and writing.
  • If you have them on the wall - pop a piece of wool or string on one of the sets and children have to place the other end of the string on the matching word.
  • Most of these are fairly simple words which are great for listening for phonemes and 'chunking' the associated graphemes within the words.
  • Hand a card to each child - they have to then find their matching word partner.
  • Play 'I have , who has...' - each child needs 2 cards for this. One child starts off - 'I have 'tired', who has 'sleepy'? - 'tired' child places it on chart , 'sleepy' child answers and places their card on chart and says their other card - ' I have .....' who has etc etc.....
  • Each child acts out a synonym - other children pick the card which matches.
  • You can make these words smaller size by using the reduction settings on your printer and just printing off black and white copies, these smaller sizes are great for cut and paste activities .
  • When not being used on a wall display, place them in labelled boxes (small wash powder boxes or yoghurt containers work well, or hanging pockets for continued 'grab and go' games and writing reference.
  • Why IMMERSE Your Children in Words....
  • All the activities from '101 Fun Word Card Activities' are fantastic with these Words ...... (DON'T FORGET TO UTILIZE THIS TERRIFIC RESOURCE EVERYDAY)

Please add your suggestions for using 40 Pairs of Synonyms in the comments below... thanks !

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    • Hi Dixie, In the dropdown boxes on the right hand side of each resource page – you can click on the download that you want. Let me know if you still having difficulties – thanks Dixie

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