Playing with Words and Numbers in Early Education

32 Classroom Labels

Our Room Words 1
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32 Bright Classroom Labels with Pictures

Now available in CHINESE, SPANISH AND FRENCH (see samples at drop down boxes)

Classroom Labels Words List

table chair door easel clock
bags pigeon holes books glue readers
light computer pencils sharpener printer
fan curtains whiteboard shoes storeroom
light switch dress ups interactive whiteboard air conditioner cupboard
window heater fish tank sink desk
maths games literacy games   
  Plus spare blank cards to write your own words....

Suggestions for Use

Please add your suggestions for using 32 Classroom Labels in the comments below... thanks !

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  1. Classroom labels….. could be placed into a portfolio book at the writing table as children begin to label their own pictures or stories using regular words of interest eg monsters, princess, frozen etc.

  2. Thank you very much for all the great ideas. I always find something new!! Love the “Healthy Food” concept book and display words. Wondering if it is possible to have the “Healthy Food” plate (instead of the triangle) which seems to be the new idea??

  3. Would love these in Spanish! Thanks for great resources!

  4. Thank you!

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