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42 Traditional Similes

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42 Traditional Similes

  • Ideal as a simile matching game plus terrific for written expression, descriptions and adjectives / nouns work...
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Similes List
as brave as a lion as brown as a berry as black as soot as blind as a bat as busy as a bee
as cold as ice as dry as a bone as easy as ABC as pretty as a picture as proud as a peacock
as quick as lightning as quiet as a mouse as right as rain as sharp as a razor as sick as a dog
as silent as a grave as smooth as glass as fat as a pig as gentle as a lamb as good as gold
as green as grass as happy as a lark as hard as nails as heavy as lead as flat as a pancake
as fresh as a daisy as funny as a circus as large as life as light as a feather as loud as thunder
as old as Methuselah as soft as silk as straight as an arrow as strong as an ox as sweet as honey
as tall as a giant as thick as thieves as thin as a rake as warm as toast as weak as a kitten
as white as snow as wise as an owl   

Suggestions for Use

  • Print and laminate a set of the simile adjective starters and the simile noun endings - children match the simile adjective with the simile noun.
  • Print out class copies of individual simile adjective starters -children make up their own noun ending.
  • Print out individual copies of simile starters and simile endings -children cut and paste to match.
  • Brainstorm and list different nouns to match each simile adjective starter - for example as hard as....nails, rocks, ice, concrete, steel etc.
  • Make a list of Adjectives and Nouns from the similes - eg. cold ice, busy bee, warm toast, white snow, loud thunder etc...
  • Use different adjectives and nouns from our word cards to make up similes - eg .. as enormous as a dinosaur..
  • As an extension - try adding to the similes to make descriptive full sentences - great for written expression and poetry practice - eg 'The tower was as tall as a giant.', 'The clouds were as white as snow.' 'After my bath I felt as warm as toast'
  • Just focus on one simile a week and add it to the literacy group activities each week.

Please add your suggestions for using 42 Traditional Similes in the comments below... thanks !

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