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Initial And Final Consonant Blends Charts and Words

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Consonant Blends Charts

  • 28 Initial and 18 Final Consonant Clusters or Blends and ...
  • 224 Matching Initial Consonant Blend Words and....
  • 140 Matching Final Consonant Blend Words....
  • Download A4 Chart of Consonant Blends included...
  • Now available with or without colour (let your kiddies find the blends....and colour them....)
  • Don't forget all these blends charts and words can be printed smaller if wish.THIS RESOURCE HAS BEEN UPDATED AS OF 13 SEPT 2013
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Suggestions for Use

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Initial Consonant Blends ChartInitial Consonant Blends Charts

Initial Consonant Blends Matching WordsInitial Consonant Blends Matching Words

Final Consonant Blends ChartsFinal Consonant Blends Charts

Final Consonant Blends Matching WordsFinal Consonant Blends Matching Words

  • Laminate and display consonant cluster words under matching charts..for general reading and writing reference....Make these words up using the Phonics Flip Chart
  • Make a smaller set of cards - laminate and cut up for classification and grouping games - children match the words to the sound / picture cards. (no colour words are good for this).
  • Use 101 Flashcard Activities document for activities and games using these cards....
  • Make these words up using the cut and paste alphabet tiles, and phonics tiles....
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Please add your suggestions for using Initial And Final Consonant Blends Charts and Words in the comments below... thanks !

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  1. LOVE these charts, but could you please fix the 3-letter initial blends so that all three letters are hghlighted in colour (not just the first two). Thankyou 🙂

  2. Hi Joanna

    Oh dear – apologies – on the ‘fix now’ list – eyes just didn’t click on that one when checking ….thanks

  3. Heather 28/1/14
    Love the sight and use it frequently however the initial consonant blends are not in comic sans font ( it is some other font when you press comic sans. As I am trying to match it to the originals in comic sans I would appreciate it if you could check this out for me. Thank you.

  4. Hi Heather and Joanna – both are all fixed now – Comic Sans is Comic Sans and 3 letter initial blends fixed.


  5. Thanks Donna, what fantastic service! Less than a day and all was fixed!

  6. Hi there

    The initial and final consonant blends are fantastic – is there a NSW colour version of the final consonant blends available? Only the BW version is available on the site at the moment.
    Many thanks

  7. How about blends to match word families on separate cards?
    Game type or bingo cards.

    Enjoy all the new upgrades.

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