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Printable Maths Games Spinners

Printable Maths Games Spinners
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Printable Math Games Spinners Includes...

  • Blank spinner templates to make up your own math spinners...
  • Blank Spinners
  • Additions Spinners
  • Telling the Time Spinners
  • Place Value Spinners
  • Children spin and answer the math question straight out, or spin and show, using manipulatives or diagrams to display the answer....
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Suggestions for Use


  • Basically they are best laminated. Also it is pretty important to use a hole punch to make the holes in the arrows. This helps it to turn smoothly.
  • My spinners have worked well in the past with just laminated paper, but I think it is better to either print them straight onto card, or glue onto card before laminating.
  • Cut the arrows shorter if you like.
  • ***Press split pin LOOSELY for these so that the arrows spin freely.

Please add your suggestions for using Printable Maths Games Spinners in the comments below... thanks !

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  1. These maths spinners are fabulous for rotating group work. I get my students to work in pairs and problem solve using their mini-whiteboards. I have a split 1/2 class so this set of spinners caters for both (or can be used in a straight class for differentiation). Great resource – thanks!

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